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For parents/carers of children from birth to 6 years

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Don't leave your child's reading to chance, get started now! Join Speech-Language Pathologist, Dr Karyn Carson from The Soundmill Centre to unlock the strategies to support your child to reading success.

These resources are for parents/carers with children from birth - 6 years. When you purchase this bundle, you will gain access to:

Overview/Lesson 1: Our focus in this first lesson is to provide you and your family with an overview of what is covered in our Little Lessons Series about ‘Reading with your child’ and to provide you with an opportunity to begin filling in the ‘Reading with your child checklist’. This is so that you have a profile of what strategies you currently use and what new strategies you can begin to try with your child.

Lesson 2: Phonological Awareness & Phonics: Our second lesson has a focus on Phonics and Phonological Awareness. You will be provided with an outline of the three levels of phonological awareness development. We discuss syllable, rhyme and phoneme/sound awareness and provide you with strategies to use when reading with your child. Also included with this lesson is a downloadable summary sheet from the lesson.

Lesson 3: Vocabulary: Vocabulary knowledge is an important skill for children’s oral and written language development. Did you know, children with rich vocabularies have an educational advantage? In this video we discuss strategies that you can use to support the development of your child's vocabulary. Also included with this lesson is a downloadable summary sheet from the lesson.

Your Instructor

Dr Karyn Carson
Dr Karyn Carson

Dr Karyn Carson is a speech-language pathologist and has worked extensively, in Australia and abroad, in early intervention and school-based settings with individuals with speech, language, and literacy difficulties. She is the director and head speech-language pathologist at the ‘The Soundmill Centre’ where family and children can access support for speech, language or literacy needs.

Karyn has published numerous international articles related to speech, language, and literacy difficulties, and has won national awards for her research work which is directly translated into positive outcomes for families in her practice at The Soundmill Centre based in Adelaide, South Australia.

Course Curriculum

  Reading with your child series
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  Reading with your child series - Phonics & Phonological Awareness
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  Reading with your child series - Vocabulary
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The course starts now! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. Just be sure to finish it by December 2021 when the course expires and will be due for revision.

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